Achmelvich Beach


Achmelvich  is in the Highland region of Scotland, the name coming from the Gaelic “Achadh” – a plain or meadow and “mealvaich” – sandy dunes. 40 miles north of Ullapool, in the north west of the Scotland, it’s only access is by single track road.

Clan Histories For Your Viewing Pleasure

The BBC has a wonderful series of programs which look closely at Scottish Highland Clan histories. Featured here (in a nod to my fellow Outlander fans) is the episode on Clan Fraser, started in the twelfth century when a French knight named Frezel left Normandy for a new life in Scotland. Part One includes an interview with the current clan chief (and clearly a charmer,) Lord Lovet, Simon Fraser.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

If you’re interested in viewing additional episodes you’ll have to look for them on YouTube, as the BBC doesn’t stream them. BBC does have a listing of all episodes with some additional information.

Karine Polwart

Karine Polwart is a Scottish artist who combines traditional folk music styles with modern themes. I’ve been cruising around the internet looking for pieces to include here and I haven’t found a song yet that I didn’t like. Her voice is pure and her emotions deep. The music she creates has feeling, and often deep social meaning.

Polwart’s debut album FAULTLINES won three awards at the 2005 BBC Folk Awards, including Best Album. Its follow up, SCRIBBLED IN CHALK (2006), contained “Daisy”, a gentle word to the wise to one of life’s givers and truth-tellers who can’t quite comprehend that “there are people in this world who don’t think like you do”. The song won Polwart another BBC Folk Award for Best Original Song in 2007.

Karine Polwart performs “Daisy” for PRI’s “The World:”

Visit Karine’s website to learn more about the amazing, young artist.

Bwani Junction

Fergus, Jack, Rory and Dan make up Edinburgh’s Bwani Junction. The recently made history by being the first band to play on the Forth Rail Bridge. This being a follow-up to their recent music video for their song “Two Bridges,” shown below. An article from The Skinny (November, 2011) describes their sound as, “. . . a breezy, summer sound tempered with homegrown tales, . . .” comparing them to bands like Vampire Weekend. Listen and enjoy!

Visit them on Facebook or YouTube.